• May 31, 2022

Koutalophile – Guild Wars 2 Guide

Koutalophile – Guild Wars 2 Guide

Koutalophile is a Basic Collections achievement that requires players to collect spoon trinkets found in Tyria as a

Guild Wars 2 Inventory & Bags Beginners Guide 2022 | New Player Tips | Free To Play MMORPG

Welcome to a Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide in 2022!… In this video I will take you through Inventory & Bags, to make sure you got everything correctly set up for End of Dragons in February!

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Guild wars 2 – Fractal Masteries

All 14 Fractal Mastery points in one guide. Find out how to get them all and what to spend them on. Hope this helps!

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Achievement under Collections/Basic Collections

This is a hidden achievement that only unlocks after you get a Collectible Spoon Box from an NPC in Lion’s Arch. Check the previous video for details – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhcnA9Gyx9Q

There are 21 spoons altogether. Most of them are from vendors and 3 are drops from monsters. Good luck!

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0:00 Ancient Emerald Orrian Spoon (Fine & Masterwork) – Recruit Tochacatl in Shark’s Teeth Archipelago, Straits of Devastation
0:45 Ancient Orrian Spoon (Fine & Masterwork) – Tactician Almonia in Fields of Gold, Cursed Shore
1:07 Commemorative First Haven Metal Spoon (Fine & Masterwork) – Ulva in Traveler’s Dale, Gendarran Fields
1:35 Cooking Spoon (Fine & Masterwork) – Hune in The Thunderhorns, Lornar’s Pass
2:08 Measuring Spoon – Eda in Shaemoor Fields, Queensdale
2:39 Meatoberfest Souvenir Spoon (Fine & Masterwork) – Lakor Grizzlemouth in Village of Butcher’s Block, Diessa Plateau
3:12 Ogre Gruel Spoon (Fine & Masterwork) – Naknar in Obsidian Run, Iron Marches
3:39 Rosko’s Campsite’s Famous Bean Spoon (Fine & Masterwork) – Rancher Jenneth in Halkor Meadows, Fields of Ruin
4:15 Travelen’s Lodge Commemorative Spoon (Fine & Masterwork) – Disa in Snowslide Ravine, Dredgehaunt Cliffs
4:45 Imperial Chef Yileng’s Golden Spoon – Laurel merchants
5:15 Siege Commander’s Spoon – Drops from WvW NPCs
5:30 Fractal Spoon – Drops from mobs and chests inside Fractals of the Mists
5:45 Carved Bone Spoon – Drops from from Tequatl The Sunless boss chest
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