• February 13, 2022

Nox Monk Armor – Elden Ring Guide

Nox Monk Armor – Elden Ring Guide

The Nox Monk Armor is an Armor piece found in Elden Ring, and is part of the Nox Monk Armor Set, which contains Nox Monk Hood, Nox Monk Armor, Nox Monk

Elden Ring – EASY Mage Armor! Blackflame Monk Armor Set Location Guide!

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Elden Ring – EASY Mage Armor! Blackflame Monk Armor Set Location Guide!

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Nox Monk set Elden Ring

Took around 20 kills, helm and chest hardest part

Elden Ring – Where To Find The Night Maiden / Nox Monk Armor Set

One of the cooler looking sets of armor is pretty easy to farm. Just follow the video guide here to hit three Night Maidens in this small area, rest at grace, rinse, repeat!

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